No Projects available error (Jira Server only)

There is an issue in Jira Software for Server which prevents Easy Agile apps from obtaining the list of projects referenced by your agile board filter. We need the list of projects to provide functionality on the story map such as quick issue create and version swimlanes.

This error appears when an agile board filter excludes a project or has a complex query where Jira can not determine the projects included.

For example, the following filter query will not allow us to retrieve a list of projects that are included in the filter:

project != KANBAN order by rank

Even more interesting is that if you explicitly specify a project and then exclude another, Jira Software still doesn't return the list of projects:

project = SCRUM and project != KANBAN order by rank

If you run into this issue, you will need to list the projects to include explicitly. i.e.

project in (SCRUM, FOO, BAR) order by rank

There is a bug on the Atlassian Jira Software backlog which tracks this issue: JSWSERVER-16172. We encourage you to vote and comment on that issue to show your support for its resolution.

If this does not solve your issue, please reach out to the Easy Agile Support Team and we will be happy to help!